Links – CBBAG-OV members’ websites

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Many of our local chapter members maintain websites, blogs and public Facebook pages (Facebook pages that you can see even if you are not a Facebook subscriber). You can find links to these below.

Maggie McGovern

Website: Paper Arts by Maggie McGovern
Facebook page: Paper Arts by Maggie McGovern

Holly Dean

Website: Holly Dean Artist
Facebook page: Holly Dean Artist

Larry Thompson

Website: Greyweathers Press
Blog: Not Against Type

Wendy Feldberg

Website: Wendy Feldberg
Blog: Threadborne:Fibre Art, Vintage Textiles and Eco Printing

Nancy Anderson Trottier

Website: Ducks In A Row Press & Trottier Calligraphy Studio

Also, be sure to check out the CBBAG national website for information about the book arts throughout Canada: